For K1 – K2 Students

Chinese Made Easy

Get a headstart in Chinese the fun way!

“Chinese Made Easy” cultivates your child’s interest in Chinese from a young age with the use of stories. Through interactive activities such as storytelling, drama-acting and quizzes, Chinese is made enjoyable for children. Not only does “Chinese Made Easy” help them think more creatively, it also helps them build a solid foundation in Chinese. Children learn beyond word recognition – they learn Hanyu Pinyin and beginner comprehension; they learn to read and comprehend stories; and they learn to express themselves orally.

For P1 – P6 Students

Language Builder

Build up your language capabilities fast!

Our program, based on MOE’s school syllabus, aims to build a strong foundation for primary school students. We focus on expanding our students’ vocabulary bank, and teach them the right way to use vocabulary. Students are also taught various techniques to ace their close passages and comprehension. With our “Language Builder” program, aceing your Paper 2 will not be that tough after all.

For P3 – P6 Students

Chinese In Action

Get your language skills right!

Our program for upper primary students enhances their ability to express themselves in Chinese through extensive practices in oral, reading, listening comprehension, creative writing and comprehension. Students will learn various specialised answering techniques in comprehension, step-by-step guide to better writing techniques, framework and structure of composition writing, and enhance their composition writings with appropriate adjectives and Chinese idioms. “Chinese in Action” is the perfect programme for students to learn to speak and write Chinese better.

For S1 – S4 Students

Language Builder

Build up your language capabilities fast!

Similarly, our program for secondary school students follows MOE’s school syllabus and aims to continue expanding their vocabulary. At the same time, students are also taught various techniques to improve their close passages and comprehension. What’s different is that not only are Paper 2 components reinforced, oral and composition skills and also practised. Students will be able to reinforce their language skills and techniques through extensive practice in oral, composition, vocabulary, close passage and comprehension.


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