Why Choose Chapter One?

Our Unique Teaching Pedagogy

Learning Chinese does not have to be mundane or boring. Instead, we believe in quite the opposite.

Instead of doing exercises over and over again, we focus on incorporating activities and discussions into our lessons; instead of having our teachers lecture all the time in class, our students are the ones who do the most talking.

At Chapter One, we believe in lessons that are not just interactive, but student-oriented. When students take the initiative to use the language during lessons, not only is their competency enhanced, their confidence is also boosted. And ultimately, their grades are also improved by leaps and bounds.

We nurture our students’ love for Chinese

Here at Chapter One, we believe that Chinese is not just another subject in school, but a personal communication skill that remains a lifelong asset. And that’s why we focus on inculcating a positive learning attitude in our children towards the language.

We @ Chapter One believe that “attitude determines altitude”. When students love and appreciate Chinese for what it is, they will work hard to learn and master the language. Our classes are fun, interactive and engaging to nurture this love for the language in our students; to show them that learning Chinese can actually be a joyful experience.

Greatly appreciate your dedication, patience and kindness. Thank you for always giving your best to nurture our children!

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We really, really care

When Chapter One was founded in 2003, we set out on a mission to make learning Chinese enjoyable, and accessible for all.

Every student that enters our centre joins the Chapter One family. Here at Chapter One Learning Centre, we care for our student’s welfare as much as we care for their competency of the language. We know that for some students whose foundation is not yet steady, Chinese can a real challenge to them. And that’s why we offer a FREE extra lesson for students struggling with the language! More details here.

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