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Chapter One.

The Chinese Centre of Growth Mindset.

We have always believed in the power of having a growth mindset, of being confident in the face of challenges, and of having the right self talk to allow yourself to be in your prime condition.

Why choose Chapter One?

We have helped over 3000 students transform their attitudes towards Chinese and improve their grades tremendously in just the past 4 years. Read below about why they choose Chapter One.


A whole new approach to learning Chinese

Like your child, we have always been put down by boring lessons and unexciting learning methods. And that’s why we crafted our very own teaching pedagogy – one that was interactive and truly activity-based. Instead of sitting students down to do worksheet after worksheet, our curriculum focuses on teaching students the essential vocabulary and comprehension skills through discussions, activities and games, helping students to retain and recall information better.

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Blended learning solutions

We incorporate our very own apps and games into our lessons, making learning fun, enjoyable and effective. Your child will also get to reinforce his vocabulary anytime, anywhere simply by using our FREE digital tools. Not only that, we also valuable notes and resources to our students through a useful learning management system, helping them to revise and ace their exams!

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Strong parent-teacher relationships

We believe in strong parent-teacher relationships, with an online update every 1-2 months to keep you informed of your child’s learning progress. Additionally, our teachers work closely with parents to devise ways to help your child practise his or her Chinese at home. Together, we can bring out the best in every child!

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We are making good progress…


Happy Parents & Transformed Students


Results Band Jump


PSLE A/A* Students

… and the numbers are still going strong!


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